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Cindy Crawford, foxy supermodel MILF

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Cindy Crawford nude

I couldn’t decide if Cindy Crawford belongs here or not, I’m a little confused. Yes, I know she’s in her 40s, and that’s enough to consider her a MILF, but with her hotness and beauty not waning throughout the years, it seems like she was stuck in her early 20s. Okay, she’s a mom to her two children, so okay, she’s a MILF. One of the hottest MILFs in Hollywood, Cindy’s beauty and hotness is just timeless.

Cindy Crawford nude

How many women can look decent and hot wearing a bikini in their 40s? Not too many, I guess. But Cindy, her bikini body still looks like it was stuck in a time-space warp of some sort. Her body is just perfect, and too hot to handle. That’s why I couldn’t get enough of Cindy Crawford nude pics. Yeah, even bikini pics of her turn me on so badly.

Cindy Crawford bikini

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Jennifer Ellison topless tease

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Jennifer Ellison big tits

Whenever I hear or read Jennifer Ellison’s name, the first thing that comes to my mind is this: BIG TITS. Oh, is that offensive or anything? Well, I don’t give a fuck. Because honestly, Jennifer’s big tits were what got her famous anyway, so it’s just natural that her tits are what defined her career.

Jennifer Ellison big tits

Plus, this hot MILF’s a freaking glamour model. In other words, she gets paid for flaunting her twins. Yeah, I know, most of the time she messes things up by covering them with an arm or something, but she makes up for it by appearing completely topless sometimes. And those are the moments I would like to rekindle, especially because now she has given birth and her body may never return to its hot used-to-be self.

Jennifer Ellison big tits

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Geri Haliwell bikini MILF

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Geri Haliwell bikini pics

It seems like everytime Geri Haliwell appears in public, she decides to wear a bikini. And I’m not complaining since she looks fine in it, except this last time I saw her. Yeah, her bod’s shapely and all, she has big tits, and her skin is toned–wait–yeah, that’s the problem, her skin’s too toned, especially in the tummy. Mighty abs! It looks like she’s ready to beat me up anytime or something.

Geri Haliwell bikini pics

But looking closely, the former Spice Girl still looks hot, I cannot deny it. Well, she was the hottest Spice Girl back in the days to tell you honestly, with her Britain flag suits and all. So it’s no wonder she’s still hot now, especially when she’s naked.

Geri Haliwell bikini pics

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Victoria Silvstedt, seductive MILF nymph

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Victoria Silvstedt topless

Victoria Silvstedt loves being in the limelight. Lucky for us, she does that nowadays by being routinely captured by paparazzi wearing little or no clothes at all. Well, she always makes sure that our eyes our focused on her big, round tits, by appearing topless almost all the time. Though we are almost 100% sure her huge racks are fake, those two melons are always nice a nice sight.

Victoria Silvstedt topless

But if you’re too unlucky to not catch the hot MILF in her topless adventures, then you can always catch her at her own reality show called My Perfect Life. Of course, it’s just one of the reality shows with no sense at all, but seeing Victoria in her sexy outfits just make it worth watching.

Victoria Silvstedt side boobs

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Sarah Shahi, hot MILF on The L Word

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Sarah Shahi topless

She plays the hot and sultry DJ, Carmen de la Pica Morales,  in The L Word. Just that and you sure know that this MILF is hot even without seeing her. But then again, you have to see and experience just how sexy and alluring Sarah Shahi is.

Sarah Shahi topless

Even if Sarah plays a gay woman who fucks only girls and has never slept with a man, Sarah is straight in real life. However, she said in an interview that she is indeed comfortable in playing a lesbian character, because she and the character she plays are alike in a way that they both are very up front with their feelings and know what they want. Sarah also approves of lesbians and gays, and sees no difference between gay and straight relationships.

Sarah Shahi lingerie pics

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Christine Taylor: blonde MILF bombshell

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Christine Taylor cleavage pics

You might recognize this hot blonde MILF from The Brady Bunch Movie, where she played the hot and sexy popular sister, Marcia Brady, the subject of all men’s desires during the late 90’s. Or if you haven’t seen that movie, you might have remembered the semi-promiscuous character she played on The Wedding Singer alongside Drew Barrymore. Okay, to make things easier for you, this hot MILF and blonde bombshell is Ben Stiller’s wife, Christine Taylor.

Christine Taylor cleavage pics

Though she has never done nudity in her movies before, Christine Taylor can still be categorized as a sexy temptress because of her revealing and cleavage/side-boob-exposing outfits on the red carpet, always teasing us what her tits look like underneath. Yeah, we might never know, but let’s still keep our fingers crossed that she one step further into showing off her hotness. While we wait, let’s check out more Christine Taylor’s hot pics right here.

Christine Taylor cleavage pics

Sofia Milos: Italian hot MILF

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Sofia Milos massive cleavage

There’s just something about Italian women; they sure know how to make a damn good show. Take for example this hot Italian MILF from CSI: Miami, Sofia Milos. Well, she’s half-Italian, half-Greek, but she credits herself to be Italian. Well, anyway, she made quite a buzz with her breasty appearance at the Night of 100 Stars for the 82nd Academy Awards last March. So yeah, that’s what’s something about Italian women–their big tits.

Sofia Milos side boobs

Anyway, Sofia is already 44 but look at the how her body’s shaped. Her hot bod’s even better looking than most 20-year-olds, starting from her perfectly shaped and sized tits (though it’s probably because of plastic surgery but it doesn’t matter) down to her hot legs. She’s definitely some hot momma.

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