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Sarah Jessica Parker sexy glamour MILF

Friday, May 28th, 2010


New York is a busy city, and for a busy actress and a new mom of two, Sarah Jessica Parker is doing an awesome job in keeping her figure really tight and sexy. No wonder she was perfect for her role in the tv series Sex and the City…because she brings the sex in the city.

At her age, Sarah Jessica Parker naked isn’t a sight to wince at, more like a sight to drool over. These sexy revealing pics of Sarah Jessica Parker in underwear shows just how disciplined she is when it comes to her diet. Do you see a hint of cellulite in her ass or her thighs? Exactly my point. Now if we can just see more of Sarah Jessica Parker’s naked body and less of that chin, it would be awesome.


Diane Lane’s sexy glamour MILF

Thursday, May 27th, 2010


Whoever said you can’t squeeze the hotness anymore out of Diane Lane clearly spends his time jacking over pictures of young celebrity sluts who probably doesn’t have a lot of skills in the sack. Let’s not forget Diane Lane’s naked sex scenes in her movies such as Unfaithful where she plays as Richard Gere’s adulterous wife.


May I remind you of Diane Lane’s juicy tits in her sex scene with a young stud and the way she fucks that cock like a pro? I bet your young bitches can’t move their asses like a snake. Diane Lane’s MILF hotness is ageless and her sex appeal gets more intense with time like fine wine.


Adriana Lima’s shaved pussy pics

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010


If I was given the chance to spend one steamy night with a hot supermodel, it would definitely be this fuckin’ insanely hot sultry goddess, Adriana Lima. There really are no words to describe how she takes my breath away whenever I catch a glimpse of her hot silky dark body in sexy lingerie in mags.


There’s something about the way she looks at the camera. It’s like she’s unzipping your pants with her sensual eyes, dying to suck your cock. There are a lot of hot MILFs out there who can blow your mind with their virgin-like physique but just one look at Adriana Lima’s naked body, there’s not other MILF that can make my cock rock hard then this sexy little tigress.


Paz Vega sexy MILF pics

Friday, May 21st, 2010


If you think you’re the only one who imagines Paz Vega naked and all fours on your bed while screaming “Ay Papi!” when you’re pounding her sweet latina pussy, then you’re clearly mistaken. There is a whle army of latina lovers who are jacking over Paz Vega’s tits and pussy pictures every night.

Personally, I think Paz is hotter than Penelope Cruz for the fact that when I fantasize about Paz, I don’t imagine humping Seabiscuit and that’s a big thing, right? One other thing, Paz Vega is already a mama and if you compare her body to Penelope, among the two she looks like the one who hasn’t popped one, all the more making her an truly insanely hot MILF!


Charisma Carpenter’s naked pics

Thursday, May 20th, 2010


When I first saw Charisma Carpenter, she was in the tv series Buffy where her role was one of the vampire villains. She didn’t give me a hard-on even if she wore really fit leather clothes and tight pants that tried to look her ass look big but because she was skinny, her body wasn’t appealing then.


But now, holy fuck! I’m loving Charisma Carpenter’s naked body! Looks like motherhood did her body good. You got to check out her juicy miky tits and the way her hips curve beautifully. And that sweet badonkadonk…damn…it drives me wild just thinking about pounding Charisma Carpenter’s ass in all kinds of position in the kama sutra.


Jessica Alba naked MILF

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010


It has been ages since I jacked off over pictures of Jessica Alba naked. This extremely hot Latina goddess was the object of every straight guy’s fantasy before, until her sweet pussy popped out a baby then things went from super hot to super boring. No more Jessica Alba ass peek. I know, what a waste right?

But lookie what we have here! Jessica Alba took a break from motherhood to pose fully naked in these shots. This time, she totally went all the way! Fix your eyes on Jessica Alba’s pink pussy as she lifts a silky slender leg to expose more of it…dang! My cock is happy that Jessica Alba finally realized her true calling.


Geri Halliwell’s vintage nude pics

Friday, May 14th, 2010


Before the fame and the millions of fans all over the world, Ginger Spice was just another young ambitious lady aspiring to be one of the famous celebrity singer in the history of worldwide showbiz. That goal for popularity gave her the drive to do whatever it takes to achieve her dreams.


We’ve obtained Geri Halliwell naked vintage pics and it is very graphic. It shows Geri Halliwell’s pussy unshaved and her round delicious breasts exposed in black and white shots. This energy and willingness to pose for naked photoshoots is the reason why she is now famous and it’s the reason why until now, most Spice Girls fan consider her as the hottest Spice in the group!


Sophie Ellis Baxtor semi-nude lingerie photoshoot

Thursday, May 13th, 2010


I’m really trying hard not to imagine Sophie Ellix Bextor sucking a dick from this candid shot of her but a mind of a horny guy cannot be tamed, but her looking like she wants to deepthroat the mic isn’t really helping. I mean I’m sure there’s more to her than just her tits and delicious pussy but I’m going to go ahead and pretend she doesn’t have a personality and  focus on what’s really important here, which is her hot naked body.

1Feast your eyes on this hot mamacita’s semi-naked body…not a single hint of child birth! Well…I guess the only way to find out is by taking a peek at Sophie Ellis Bextor’s pussy. That’s the only way!


Heidi Klum, Victoria’s Secret MILF

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Heidi Klum naked

Is there anyone in the world who hasn’t heard about Heidi Klum? I’m sure everyone has been smitten by this hot and gorgeous Victoria’s Secret model. At age 36, an age considered too old to still be a model, Heidi still is one of the top supermodels in the industry, and is still one of the hottest women celebrities there is.

Heidi Klum million dollar bra

What sets her apart from the rest of the MILF community? Well, first of all, it’s her ageless beauty and hotness. It seems like her face and body is still in its 20s. Aside from that, Heidi has had a total of four children, but her body remained the same as she first started as a model. In fact, even a moth after of giving birth, Heidi managed to walk the runway of a fashion show and still looked hot.

Heidi Klum million dollar bra

And of course, everyone will agree just how irresistible and arousing Heidi Klum nudes are, which, by the way, are all right here on Famous Milf.

Angie Harmon see-through nips MILF

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Angie Harmon see-through tits

Nearing her 40s, Angie Harmon automatically gained her MILF status when she appeared in a red carpent event wearing this long gown, which was see-through at the chest area. Aside from fully exposing her cleavage, her see-through dress also partially revealed her nipples.

Angie Harmon see-through tits

If Angie’s name is a bit unfamiliar to you, then let me refresh your memory a bit. She is a television and film actress best known for her roles on Baywatch Nights and Law & Order. This MILF also used to be a fashion model, and it’s apparent in her slim figure and tall frame. Well, now that you’ve seen the goodies that this MILF has to offer, Im sure you’ll have no trouble remembering her name from now on, right? Anyway, for more Angie Harmon nudes, drop by here at Famous MILF.