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Claudia Schiffer’s MILF boobs gets some sun

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Claudia Schiffer

Being the Supermodel of all Supermodels, it isn’t unusual to see Claudia Schiffer’s tits in a magazine or in one of her advertisements or something. But when she fans her tits out in the open like that, well, whoa.

Claudia Schiffer

This smoking German ass can definitely take hold of my house keys and lounge in my backyard for all eternity. If she wants some sun on those hooters, she can go ahead and have those babies drink up on some vitamin D. And we don’t want her get some sunburn, of course, that’s why I’m always ready with a sunscreen for her, just in case. I can even assist in slathering it all over her miraculous body, from her perky tits to that flat abs and those silky longs legs and whatever it is in between those legs. Yes, her pussy, her shaved wet pink pussy, I can definitely put some sunscreen on that as well.

Claudia Schiffer

Although seriously, I don’t think this fucking MILF will still ask for sunscreen on her pussy. I’m guessing she’s just gonna make me go ahead and sink my dick into it and cover her naked body with mine to keep some of the sun out, eh? Just look at these raunchy nude fuck pictures of Claudia Schiffer, and you’ll see just how big she wants her manmeat to be.

Sarah Jessica Parker sexiest milf in the city

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010


Who wouldn’t know Sarah Jessica Parker in the HBO hit tv series Sex and the City a Carrie Brad shaw? Sure, Sarah Jessica Parker’s tits may not be the biggest among the group but she’s got most wholesome sex appeal among the bunch and that makes the guys want to violate her even more. Because who doesn’t like to bring out this sexy vixen’sinner sex kitten when you know very well she’s got a lot of tricks hidden up in her sleeve.


These pics doesn’t really show Sarah Jessica Parker naked in all her glory but she pulled a decent amount of milf sexiness in the photoshoot, it’s like she actually is naked! Look at her tight abs that doesn’t have any trace of labor and her well-toned frame. Sara Jessica Parker is truly a sexy milf in her own sensual titillating way!


Geri Haliwell bikini MILF

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Geri Haliwell bikini pics

It seems like everytime Geri Haliwell appears in public, she decides to wear a bikini. And I’m not complaining since she looks fine in it, except this last time I saw her. Yeah, her bod’s shapely and all, she has big tits, and her skin is toned–wait–yeah, that’s the problem, her skin’s too toned, especially in the tummy. Mighty abs! It looks like she’s ready to beat me up anytime or something.

Geri Haliwell bikini pics

But looking closely, the former Spice Girl still looks hot, I cannot deny it. Well, she was the hottest Spice Girl back in the days to tell you honestly, with her Britain flag suits and all. So it’s no wonder she’s still hot now, especially when she’s naked.

Geri Haliwell bikini pics

Well, if you do want yourself some Geri Haliwell nudes, then go ahead and check them out right here.