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Kylie Minogue naked cougar pics

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010


Isn’t Kylie Minogue one of the feistiest and smoking hot cougars in the world or what? You wouldn’t encounter a cougar-loving milf who doesn’t have the hots for Kylie Minogue’s naked body. Even at the age of 42, Kylie still has the radiance of a girl in her twenties. She even has a tight-looking pink pussy who I absolutely want to pound hard with my hard cock.


Seen here in a more explicit and revealing manner is Kylie Minogue’s pussy while she sits like a horny sex-deprived feline on a red couch. You can tell by her seductive eyes that she’s been yearning for a big fat cock to pound her guts out and make her feel young again inside. Kylie Minogue is that smoking hot cougar your hungry dick won’t ever forget.


Elizabeth Hurley naked MILF pics

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010


Ever wonder what a 50 something year old English cougar’s pussy looks like? Well as these Elizabeth Hurley naked pics would suggest, it looks very tasty and hot! I always imagined Elizabeth Hurley’s pussy would be succulent like this with a little bit of hair around the lips.  Damnit. I understand why Hugh Grant is beating himself over this because now he doesn’t get to put his little cock in this sexy MILF’s wet cunt anymore.


In these very  revealing hot pics, Elizabeth Hurley is pretty much just showing the world that at her age she still is fuckable to the eye by wearing sexy lingerie that exposes her juicy lovehole while giving us a look that clearly is craving for a big fat cock to satisfy her intense libido.