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Pamela Anderson New Year nipslip

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

Pamela Anderson nipslip

Here’s Pamela Anderson affirming that she’s still a hot MILF. Well, sort of. She once again pulled off a nipple-peek show at the Gridlock New Year’s Eve Party. As you can see in Adam Lambert’s expression, he sure was thrilled to see one of Pam’s nipple! Yes, that was sarcastic. He actually looked horrified, if you ask me.

Pamela Anderson nipslip

Though Pam was obviously unsuccessful in converting Adam back to manhood, she managed to look hot for the party. You gotta give it up for the MILF; it’s been ages since I’ve seen her hot. And even her nipple slip antic is a bit worn out already, at least she managed to be in the news.

Pamela Anderson nipslip

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Jenny McCarthy doing Playboy again?

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

Jenny McCarthy bikini candids

Hot MILF Jenny McCarthy wants back in Playboy, as she has disclosed in her recent interview with Fox News. If you remember, Jim Carey’s lady momma jumpstarted her career posing nude under Hugh Hefner’s wing in the 90s, and boy did she sizzle back then with her size 38 breasts and tight bod.

Jenny McCarthy is one hot MILF

If you ask me, she still got it even a decade after! Well, we don’t call her a MILF for nothing. Sure she got old, but her body seems to be hotter than ever. Though she had her juggs reduced a while back after Playboy (yeah, what a bummer), she managed to immortalize her sex symbol status with all her hot nude poses and tons of nude flicks. Jim Carey sure is lucky to be hitting that hot thing whenever he wants to.

Jenny McCrathy in Malibu

Well, I can’t wait to see her naked again. Hope she takes her clothes off all the way. Good thing this place has a bunch of her hot nudes while I wait!