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Cobie Smulders is a hot Canadian MILF

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Cobie Smulders

Can you believe that this sexy body once had another human being inside of her? Cobie Smulders, one-fifth of the lead cast in How I Met Your Mother, is one hawt smoking MILF.

Cobie Smulders

This Canadian actress of a Dutch descent, proudly shows off her juicy momma booty clad only in lace undies, knee high socks and a little sweater or two. I’d love to see more of that sexy bum and rub my cock into those smooth silky legs. The sideboobs in this picture also show a hint of her luscious momma jugs which I’d like to lick and suck sometime. Just tell me when and where, Cobie, and my cock will be hard and ready for you.

Cobie Smulders

But for the meantime, why don’t we just stare hungrily over these juicy raunchy lingerie pictures of her? Let’s have another go at using our brains for imagination and our hands for satisfaction this time, till she lets her Americanized boobies and Canadian clit finally hang out in the open.

Guilia Siegel topless smoking hot MILF

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010


Have I already told you how insanely sexy Guilia Siegel is that she makes me want to jack off over her naked pics right now in my seat? I mean who wouldn’t want to fuck a sexy blonde milf with juicy tits and a fuckable slender body? Such a tease, this one.

To totally get what I’m saying, here are some of her hottest pics ever taken. Feast your eyes on Guilia Siegel’s breasts looking so sweet and succulent while she gives us the face of heavenly orgasm. That’s exactly where I want her when I shoot my load all over her sweet face. In the other pics, see her in hot fuck me boots while showinf off her sexy ass  with a little sneak peek. Have I mentioned how insanely sexy this foxy milf is?


Sarah Jessica Parker sexiest milf in the city

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010


Who wouldn’t know Sarah Jessica Parker in the HBO hit tv series Sex and the City a Carrie Brad shaw? Sure, Sarah Jessica Parker’s tits may not be the biggest among the group but she’s got most wholesome sex appeal among the bunch and that makes the guys want to violate her even more. Because who doesn’t like to bring out this sexy vixen’sinner sex kitten when you know very well she’s got a lot of tricks hidden up in her sleeve.


These pics doesn’t really show Sarah Jessica Parker naked in all her glory but she pulled a decent amount of milf sexiness in the photoshoot, it’s like she actually is naked! Look at her tight abs that doesn’t have any trace of labor and her well-toned frame. Sara Jessica Parker is truly a sexy milf in her own sensual titillating way!


Elizabeth Hurley naked MILF pics

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010


Ever wonder what a 50 something year old English cougar’s pussy looks like? Well as these Elizabeth Hurley naked pics would suggest, it looks very tasty and hot! I always imagined Elizabeth Hurley’s pussy would be succulent like this with a little bit of hair around the lips.  Damnit. I understand why Hugh Grant is beating himself over this because now he doesn’t get to put his little cock in this sexy MILF’s wet cunt anymore.


In these very  revealing hot pics, Elizabeth Hurley is pretty much just showing the world that at her age she still is fuckable to the eye by wearing sexy lingerie that exposes her juicy lovehole while giving us a look that clearly is craving for a big fat cock to satisfy her intense libido.


Adriana Lima’s shaved pussy pics

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010


If I was given the chance to spend one steamy night with a hot supermodel, it would definitely be this fuckin’ insanely hot sultry goddess, Adriana Lima. There really are no words to describe how she takes my breath away whenever I catch a glimpse of her hot silky dark body in sexy lingerie in mags.


There’s something about the way she looks at the camera. It’s like she’s unzipping your pants with her sensual eyes, dying to suck your cock. There are a lot of hot MILFs out there who can blow your mind with their virgin-like physique but just one look at Adriana Lima’s naked body, there’s not other MILF that can make my cock rock hard then this sexy little tigress.