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A nude retro Pamela Anderson moment

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Pamela Anderson

Since we’re all here appreciating the perfection of super-hot MILFs everywhere, where, asks my nagging brain, is the mother of all MILFs for fuck’s sakes? You crowd around and ask me who the hell. And that’s when I sigh at how forgetful you’ve all been and flash you some nice titty pictures of a naked Pamela Anderson. Yeah, that MILF, bitches.

Pamela Anderson

Before she was reduced to appearing in nightclubs and events no one gives a shit about, Pamela Anderson was seen more naked than she was clothed. Other than making breast implants a common Hollywood phenomenon (which we should all be thankful for), Pamela Anderson also broke new grounds (also her pussy) for having the most well-known sex tape in celebritydom. Sure the video quality was shit, but we would all be jacking off to badly acted porn if it weren’t for Ms. Anderson’s love for cocksucking on camera.

Pamela Anderson

And that body, goodness gracious. I wouldn’t be exclaiming like my grandma here if Pamela Anderson didn’t flaunt a perfectly curved body and a pair of tits that are still holding up well even at the ripe age of 43. Then again, she wouldn’t be called a MILF if not for the age. Still, she would still be fucking hot either way.

Pamela Anderson is back to zero

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

Sexy Pam Anderson

And I don’t mean size 0. Instead, our favorite hot MILF Pamela Anderson is once again a single woman as she and her boyfriend Jamie Padgett split recently. Now we have no idea on who initiated the break-up, or what the reason is. What we do know is Pam is back on the market, therefore all you craving for experienced big-tittied ex-Playboy babe better line up at her house fast!

Pam Anderson and her big tits

Could the split be the reason why Pam welcomed the New Year with a nip slip? Could be. Oh, that’s why she’s been touchy with Adam Lambert all night long on that event. As if her bouncy fake tits could convert Adam to liking girls, I mean MILFs again.

Pam Anderson vintage pic

Well, what do we know, maybe at this point Pam has already bagged herself a new boytoy and they could be doing rounds of hardcore sex in the hot momma’s house! That’s good news, because we might be rewarded with another Pamela Anderson sextape again!

Pamela Anderson New Year nipslip

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

Pamela Anderson nipslip

Here’s Pamela Anderson affirming that she’s still a hot MILF. Well, sort of. She once again pulled off a nipple-peek show at the Gridlock New Year’s Eve Party. As you can see in Adam Lambert’s expression, he sure was thrilled to see one of Pam’s nipple! Yes, that was sarcastic. He actually looked horrified, if you ask me.

Pamela Anderson nipslip

Though Pam was obviously unsuccessful in converting Adam back to manhood, she managed to look hot for the party. You gotta give it up for the MILF; it’s been ages since I’ve seen her hot. And even her nipple slip antic is a bit worn out already, at least she managed to be in the news.

Pamela Anderson nipslip

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