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Miranda Kerr’s three-dimensional melons

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Miranda Kerr

3D tits, anyone? And I don’t mean the breast size, no. We’ve got Miranda Kerr’s knockers in eye cum popping 3D with these nude pictures of her. Even if you don’t really need the snazzy trick to enjoy a good helping of boob, seeing Miranda Kerr unloading her melons right in front of your eyes adds an extra dimension to your fapping habits.

Miranda Kerr

And I hear Orlando Bloom, the lucky fuck, knocked the slut up. I’m not too worried, because knowing these supermodels, she’ll pop the baby out and be back in shape in a couple of weeks. Don’t ask me how, I’m just here to stain these MILFs’ tits with my cum. MILFy Miranda Kerr’s tits, to be exact.

Miranda Kerr

So to haters pissing on 3D as a cheap fad, let me slap you in the face with these pictures of Miranda Kerr’s 3D tits and tell me they don’t have any practical applications.

Adriana Lima’s shaved pussy pics

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010


If I was given the chance to spend one steamy night with a hot supermodel, it would definitely be this fuckin’ insanely hot sultry goddess, Adriana Lima. There really are no words to describe how she takes my breath away whenever I catch a glimpse of her hot silky dark body in sexy lingerie in mags.


There’s something about the way she looks at the camera. It’s like she’s unzipping your pants with her sensual eyes, dying to suck your cock. There are a lot of hot MILFs out there who can blow your mind with their virgin-like physique but just one look at Adriana Lima’s naked body, there’s not other MILF that can make my cock rock hard then this sexy little tigress.


Heidi Klum, Victoria’s Secret MILF

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Heidi Klum naked

Is there anyone in the world who hasn’t heard about Heidi Klum? I’m sure everyone has been smitten by this hot and gorgeous Victoria’s Secret model. At age 36, an age considered too old to still be a model, Heidi still is one of the top supermodels in the industry, and is still one of the hottest women celebrities there is.

Heidi Klum million dollar bra

What sets her apart from the rest of the MILF community? Well, first of all, it’s her ageless beauty and hotness. It seems like her face and body is still in its 20s. Aside from that, Heidi has had a total of four children, but her body remained the same as she first started as a model. In fact, even a moth after of giving birth, Heidi managed to walk the runway of a fashion show and still looked hot.

Heidi Klum million dollar bra

And of course, everyone will agree just how irresistible and arousing Heidi Klum nudes are, which, by the way, are all right here on Famous Milf.